How to Succeed in Life?
Very often people do certain types of work out of necessity, losing inspiration and self-esteem, which in no way feeds their soul. A common misconception about simple and modest work is to take it as unimportant and not worthy of attention, which also leads to a loss of inspiration.

Therefore, in order to succeed in life, it is necessary to understand and master some key principles which make it possible for any kind of work, even the most routine work, to be inspiring.
An individual thinks about his “special calling”, that somewhere out there is an inspiring purpose and an inspiring job in which he will glow and be “on fire”. However, only a mature human being is able to find his/her purpose. And maturity consists of finding a way to motivate yourself and make your work exciting while performing any kind of routine tasks. Thanks to the right mindset, the brain of such a person secretes “happy hormones”: dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin and serotonin. At the same time, the person is motivated to perform any work better and better.
What can you do to make any work inspiring?
Your approach to work should be creative and you should develop a system that would allow you to sharpen your skills every day. On a daily basis, you should set a goal for the current day: to perform quicker, better, more accurately, every day finding something new to improve in your work field. Also, it is necessary to cultivate your own principle of correctness and need for action and fully concentrate on that action.

One of the ancient tantric secrets to success is the need to direct all the mind’s energy to achieve excellence in what you do.

What does it mean? This means that by doing any work, no matter how modest it may be, you do it thoroughly and every time you become better, better and better. If a person achieves such an approach to work, he strongly stands out from the crowd with his verve and the ability to be “on fire”.

In order to succeed in this life, you need to follow an important principle - the pursuit of excellence.

About Excellence
When a person approaches excellence, he approaches the Cosmic consciousness. A person can engage in any kind of noteworthy activity from a cosmic point of view: martial arts, karate, sword fighting, aikido, boxing, fine arts and keep on achieving excellence in this. With tremendous effort, in order to reach the point of excellence, the person changes - becomes charismatic, extraordinary, magnetic, he begins to radiate vibrations that attract others. Extraordinary magnetism elevates that person, he becomes visible, life lifts him up.

Thus, the key to success lies in learning how to do everything excellently, even the simplest and modest work: washing dishes, sweeping the floor, whittling wood, using a certain system and not spending a lot of time on it.
I remember my experience at a bakery. There was a lot of work. The first thing I did was to study the art of baking. When I mastered the system and reached the necessary standardized speed, I began to optimize and improve the process, increasing the speed of my work. My day was flowing magically: you boil, seethe, sparkle like a sparkler (like a Roman candle), and everything comes out very beautiful. As a result, I managed to do the work of a day shift person, a manager, look after the store, as well as I was having three days off and a lot of free time. At the same time, the baked goods were almost perfect. Thus, I actualized myself as a baker.
Dada Sadananda
How to achieve excellence in your field?
Getting started on a specific task, you need to set yourself up to do the job as well as possible - having thought over each step, making it as efficient as possible with the minimum time invested. With this approach, you find yourself in such an energetic flow where you practically never get tired. It does not matter if you have the skillset for this job - any skills can be acquired within a short time. Thus, it takes a longer time to achieve a certain level of success in a specific field.
Our action is also of highest Consciousness, so treat what you do with highest respect. Take as many actions as possible! At the same time, it is very important to understand that you are doing karma yoga, and in the process of achieving excellence in actions, God, the highest Consciousness, the highest Bliss begins to manifest, and, therefore, you gain charisma, magnetism, inner strength, which inevitably leads you to success. Thus, the key to success in life is the principle of striving for excellence.
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