What is Satsauṋga and why is it needed?
If you are staying together with a spiritually oriented person, you are in a Satsauṋga. " Satsauṋga " means a "good company". This is a very powerful practice, which gives a strong impulse to development at the beginning of the spiritual path.
Sátsaungena bhavenmuktih asatsaungeśu bandhanam.

If you surround yourself with the company of good people, it leads to salvation, while the company of immoral people leads to even stronger dependence.
Let's take a closer look at the term "satsauṋga". “Sat” means eternity – something which does not change. "Saunga" - to be in conjunction with the eternal.
There may be external Satsauṋga, which involves conversations between people about the divine things. Divine conversations are those about courage, about dignity, about creativity. Humanity, kindness – all this is divine. How to live the life with maximum effectiveness, with maximum usefulness? It is important to talk about the great spiritual personalities of the past, about successful progressive social figures and entrepreneurs. Studying their lives through external communication, you learn from them, establish contact with the eternal, think about your highest mission. Then, the understanding comes: you need to go forward to great goals, to the realization of the great mission.
Idle conversations, gossip about who had an argument, who gave birth, who got married - this is asatsauṋga, i.e. connection with degrading people. In this case, our energy is destroyed by immersion of the mind in the musty world of pettiness.

The second type of satsauṋga is internal. This is a connection with the Supreme, when you remind yourself of great ideals. With the repetition of the mantra the soul opens up - this is the inner satsauṋga.
Where can you find satsauṋga?
Satsauṋga can be reached through reading spiritual literature, coming into contact with the ideas of a realized master. The most important inner satsauṋga is meditating together. Practitioners concentrate on one high idea; the energies merge and resonate. This is the best satsauṋga. We usually have spiritual discussions, which uphold the elevated state of mind after collective meditations.

It is very important to try to see the divine in everything, even when it seems that there is nothing divine around. If you change your mental attitude and see the divine in every person, you will find yourself in a satsauṋga.

But if you are not capable of doing this, you will not find satsauṋga anywhere. Because you will always be dissatisfied with something and you will find something to find fault with. You have a very good, pure, powerful source of satsauṋga, but you yourself are blocking the access to it with your ego, your pride and condemnation.
It is very important to try to see the divine in everything,
even when it seems that there is nothing divine around.
What kind of person deserves satsauṋga? The one who is internally grateful. For example, you are in a satsauṋga with a companion, who is on a spiritual path. He, like all of us, is imperfect, but you are very grateful to him for his trying to support you. You think, “I am grateful to you for the spiritual path, for your inspiring me; you make an effort, and sometimes you fail to do something, but even the fact that you fall and then stand up inspires me." Such a thought of gratefulness is very important.

Try to be in the rays of outer and inner satsauṋga every day. This will qualitatively change your life. Happiness and prosperity will come to your life.
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