Should one strive for greatness?
Many people think that the main obstacle on the way of spirituality is ego and it should be limited and belittled in every possible way including self-deprecation. There is an opinion that the more you belittle yourself the better. Thus, we are to answer the question: is it natural to strive for Greatness or is it unnatural?
Is it natural or unnatural to be engaged in self-deprecation?

We all are in the process of evolution. What is evolution? This is the development from imperfection to perfection, transformation of the mind from crude state to subtle. All of us are in this continuous process. It is a natural process and we can consider it correct, because it is natural.
However, we need to understand, what is natural for the human stage of development and what is natural for animal forms. Usually, the things natural for our physical level (animal nature) are on the surface. In comparison to animals, the deeper layers of a human’s mind are more developed. Therefore, to realize what precisely the characteristic of a human being is, we should calm the superficial layer of the mind and go deeper.

Every person deeply within his/her soul strives for a great, unique, effulgent, magical, special and meaningful life. Therefore, striving for Greatness is natural for us. This idea is also natural for the reason that it is in harmony with the mind-waves of the Macrocosm.
What is “Greatness”?
So, what is Greatness? In this context we should not confuse “greatness” and “delusion of greatness”. If a person does not have true inner wealth, he/she might compensate it with some mental construct, a phantom, distorted perception of oneself, one’s own world, one’s own illusion, where he/she considers him/herself great. Because striving for greatness is natural for us.

What is the true ideal of life? The ideal of life is the infinity point, the ideal is Brahma.

Nobody told us about it, and we are moving blindly through many thousands of years. However, there are some people, who, thanks to their intuition, find greatness in art, science, in this way helping humanity to take the next step to perfection.
What is the true ideal of life? The ideal of life is
the infinity point, the ideal is Brahma.
To desire the Great, to strive for the Great, to take refuge in the Great is Dharma (the main quality) of every person. We always need to practice Dharma: every day in our life we should strive for the Great, not for insignificance. If you think about yourself “I’m bad, I’m fallen, I’m sinful”, finally, you will become such person, because «what you think, so you become». So, the best way to come to purity, to perfection is to meditate on purity and perfection: “I’m pure, I’m good, I’m a son of the immense, endless ocean, Brahma, I’m his drop, which gradually moves towards merging with the Father and becomes the infinity”. You should clear your mind of all complexes and take refuge in the Great: “The Great is my final refuge”. This striving for the Great is not a selfish game; on the contrary, it coincides with the natural flow of the mind-waves of the Macrocosm. Every person has a potential to realize this aspiration, but often it is rejected, distorted, and not recognized.
Every person has a potential to realize this aspiration
The meditation on infinity.
What is the way to Greatness? What is Higher Consciousness? Who is Brahma? Brahma is the one, who is great and makes others great. Is this planet great? No, it isn’t. Is this sun great? The solar system? No, they are not. Is this Galaxy great? No, it is not. Maybe the galaxy cluster is great? Or Universe? No, they are not. Only that, which is infinite, which is absolute, but not relative, is Great.
Only that, which is infinite, which is absolute, but not relative, is Great.
Infinity… Think about it not in spatial terms, because there is no space, time, person in the transcendental world. Think in depth. Infinity is something, which makes others great; by coming into contact with it, you yourself begin to expand. It is the essence of Brahma sadhana, an effort aimed at achieving the Great. You do Brahma sadhana, you meditate, because what you think, so you become.
You meditate on infinity… and you will merge with it, like a little doll, made of salt, which goes to measure the ocean. What would happen to it? The doll, made of salt, would dissolve in this ocean, become this ocean. Microcosm created of Consciousness goes to measure the ocean of Consciousness. What would happen to microcosm? It would merge with Macrocosm and become it. It is the way of evolution. We gradually expand, increase and when there is no darkness inside and only light remains - that is Greatness. There is only one way – it is to ideate on the Highest. To keep ideation, to think about Him, to strive for Him – this is Dharma of a human being. Deviation from Dharma leads to different psychological problems, complexes and suffering. In this way, a person creates suffering with his/her own hands, but blames others for that.

Social problems have the same source. Spiritual poverty is expressed in greed, and spiritual wealth – in generosity. You might have different material resources, wealth, but if your soul is poor, this wealth will not benefit neither you, nor the society. Rather these riches would become a source of suffering for you and for the society.
The story about a rich and a saint.
A rich man came to a saint and said, “I have money and I would like to make a donation, big donation. I’d make a donation and you’d bless me for my business to go even better”. The saint answered: “So, I take your donation and I bless you, but you are quite rich, aren’t you?” “Yes, I am,” – the guest said. “And you want more, do you?” – the saint asked again. “Yes, I do,” – the rich man replied. “So, take the donation from me, because you need this money more than me,” – said the saint.

So, who is poor and who is rich? The one, whose desires are endless, becomes a poor man, and the one, who is content within one’s soul, becomes a rich man. Spiritual wealth leads to all-round prosperity. It enables material wealth to work for the benefit of the individual and society. But spiritual poverty leads to destruction at all levels.
If you want to become like the Divine, you need to practice the qualities of the Divine.
Development though the practice of meditation.
So, we should strive for Greatness. The way to Greatness is sadhana, Brahma sadhana, meditation on the Great, when you want to become like the Divine, to become Him. If you want to become like the Divine, you need to practice the qualities of the Divine.

The narrowest outlook is limited to an individual. This individual serves only him/herself. The one, whose consciousness is more expanded, starts to serve his/her family. As the mind expands, the person begins to serve the community, the city, the country, the world, the universe, all living beings. That is Greatness. It is not a delusion of grandeur, it is Divinity.

Therefore, you can easily measure the width of your mind and your spiritual progress. You need to answer the following questions:
«How big is the scope of my concern? Am I ready to devote my life to the well-being of the other beings? How can I start thinking about greater things? How can I start living
in harmony with all the beings?»
The Greatness develops through sadhana, through the effort to become perfect. It is necessary to think about the Great, to meditate on the Great. The standard of your life depends ultimately on this. Which height would you like to reach in your life? Can you discard your fear and move on the path of greatness towards perfection?
Striving for Greatness is a fundamental natural need of a human being, therefore, we feel blessed on this path. Let us be natural, let us move from imperfection to perfection, from insignificance to Greatness!
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