Knowledge and action


Everything, that is happening, is happening not in vain, but due to a particular reason. Facing some life difficulties, people tend to ask: why did it happen to me? An immature person would murmur, grumble at life – such position is not constructive. A practicing person uses either knowledge or action approach in all life circumstances.
Everything happening in one’s life is a result of his/her karma (the law of cause and effect): action and reaction, cause and effect. If today somebody is suffering from unpleasant feelings and emotions, or faces some problems on the physical level, it means that previously he/she has harmed somebody else, broke the harmony thus has caused deformations and distortions in his/her mind. Today the world is providing the opportunity to correct this imbalance by making the person face some circumstances. This is the way the process of purification is taking place. If a person receives pain, it means he/she works out his/her karma. We should take it as a remedy healing the scars, which one inflicted to him/herself in the past.
When a person understands, that somebody, causing him/her pain, has not just randomly appeared in his/her life, but takes him as a doctor, who is healing his/her own wounds, in this case this person is acting from the position of knowledge. It does not mean that one should be passive; it means that one should not feel aggressive towards his/her opponents. One should act not out of hatred, but out of the sense of duty. It is very important; because the actions out of hatred create new deformations in the mind, they sow the seeds of karma; in this way even bigger karma can be sown. That is why it is said, that karma is like a seed. If one is careless, a whole tree may grow out of a small seed.

Does suffering make any sense if the seeds of suffering, which one is destined to reap, have already been sown, and this suffering is inevitable? If something is due to happen, it will happen anyway. Understanding all this, one does not follow his/her emotions: fear, anger or hatred. His/her actions are rational – he/she does not what he/she wants, but does what is reasonable at the moment. Such person is called dagdhabiija – “a burnt seed”. Dagdhabiija is attentive to his/her own inner voice, tries to listen to it and to do what is correct and rational. This kind of person is not going to fall again, he/she will develop further – each day getting freer and freer. And, in due course, when there will be no karma left, he or she will achieve liberation.

The second approach is the approach of action. One understands that in any situation he is expected to undertake some actions.

One understands that in any situation he is expected to undertake some actions.

He/she readily responds to the situation - not giving in under the pressure of the circumstances, not complaining, but goes and acts openly, facing the situation and overcoming it.

When these two approaches, of knowledge and of action, meet, they give an ideal result – understanding the causes of situations and constructive actions. Then, there will remain no insuperable obstacles.

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