Where to get energy?
How can one maintain vitality despite tiredness, stress, lack of sleep? What can yoga suggest in case when a person is feeling exhausted?
Drink water
Not tea, coffee, juice or compote, but clean, good quality still water. We may say: the water you’ve drunk is equal to your strength. The recommendation is as follows: a healthy person should drink 3 liters of water per day. If a person is ill, especially with skin diseases, they should drink 4-5 liters of water per day. It is important to remember that the water should be taken in small portions. Certainly, if you are having a special chronic condition, when big amounts of water should be taken with care, it is necessary to see a doctor for consultation. Water is a remedy for many diseases, because it takes part in detoxing the body. Do you know the fairy-tale character Koschey the Immortal*? He was lying weak and miserable, bound by many chains, but he drank ten buckets of water and tore the chains. There is a saying “To all of you, my lads and each/ Let this tale a lesson teach!”**

What does the feeling of tiredness reveal? It means that tamas, static energy has been accumulated. This happens because of stress, negative emotions, hard work. Don’t let this energy accumulate. Allow your body to have rest and enough sleep. It is interesting, that when the body is clean of toxins, the need for sleep reduces.

*Kashchey the Immortal - an archetypal male antagonist in Russian folklore.
**A line from the fairy tale by Aleksandr Pushkin “The Tale of the Golden Cockerel - 1835 (translated by I. Zheleznova).

Do one-day fastings regularly
You can immediately feel the effect of fasting, especially of dry fasting, “without water”. After cleansing the intestine when breaking the one-day fasting there appears the feeling that your physical and spiritual forces return, exactly like in case with Koschey the Immortal after he had drunk the water.

It would be good to develop a clear associative link:

water means energy and strength plus inspiration.

Fulfilling these two recommendations depends on your personal discipline. It would be good to develop a clear associative link: water means energy and strength plus inspiration. If, at a particular moment, you are not feeling strength or inspiration, but only tiredness, there is a simple solution – drink water. It is important always to have drinking water nearby, when you are at work or somewhere else. When you see it, you would not forget to drink it, besides you visually stimulate the desire to drink some water.

If you do not drink water, the body does not have an opportunity of cleansing itself in a sufficient way.

One more thing: you are not going to feel the need to drink water during the whole day, if you have not drunk it in the morning. If you do not drink water, your body does not cleanses properly, does not get rid of the toxins. That is why your body is dying like a battery. There is no need drinking the whole cup of water. Take a few gulps; your body will feel how much it needs.

May the energy and force be with you!

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