How to Succeed in Life?
It often happens that people choose a job because they have to, at the same time they lose their inspiration and self-esteem, and that is unlikely to nourish their soul. There is this common misconception about simple and humble work that it is insignificant and does not make a difference. This leads to a loss of motivation too.

No matter what job one has chosen, if one wishes to succeed it is crucial to master the key principle that will make any job, even the most monotonous ones, exciting and worth doing.

One keeps wondering about their “special purpose,” about an inspiring objective. They dream of a job that will spark their enthusiasm. However, one needs to attain a certain level of maturity in their personality to realize their purpose. The maturity is expressed through the ability to find a way to make any monotonous work motivating and exciting. As a result of appropriate attitude the brain releases the happiness hormones – dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin. Consequently, the person is eager to perform their jobs better and better.
What can we do to make any job exciting?
You should approach your work with creativity and work out a system that would allow you to hone your skills every day. You should daily set the goals for the current day to do your job more perfectly, faster and with more precision, every day discovering something new in your activity. It is also necessary to cultivate the principle that you understand the correctness and importance of your actions and to fully concentrate on this action.

One of the ancient tantric secrets of success is directing all your mental energy to reaching perfection in everything that you do.

What does it mean? It means that whatever simple work you are doing, you are trying to fulfill it more meticulously, and gradually growing more and more skillful. If somebody develops such an attitude to work they can be easily recognized amongst others thanks to their lively nature and enthusiasm.

So, in order to succeed in life one should follow an important principle – constant pursuit of perfection.

About perfection
When one approaches perfection, he/she is getting closer to the Supreme Consciousness. They may be involved in any decent, from the cosmic point of view, type of activity: martial arts, karate, fighting on swords, aikido, boxing, fine arts, and be growing in this activity to gain excellence. Putting immense effort to reach the point of perfection a person changes, he/she starts to radiate with vibrations, attracting others, turning into a charismatic, extraordinary, magnetic personality. This remarkable allure elevates the person, they become noticeable, and life brings them up to the top.

So, the key to success is to reach perfection in doing work, even the simplest and humblest work: washing-up, sweeping the floor, planing wood; and do that as effortlessly as possible. To achieve this, you need to develop a system to accomplish your day to day tasks, and ensure you continue to grow comfortable performing them everyday, spending less and less time and energy on each task as you become more and more familiar with your own system.

I am recollecting the experience I had working at the bakery. There was a lot of work. The first thing I did was learning the baker’s job. When I had mastered the system and reached the necessary pace, I started to optimize, improve it and increase the speed. My days flew majestically: I was boiling, seething, sparkling as Bengal fire, and I had my job done beautifully. As a result I performed the job of the day shift, the job of a manager, looked after the shop, I also had three days-off, and loads of free time. And we managed to make practically ideal things. In this way I got realized as a baker.

Dada Sadananda

How to reach perfection in your job?
Before getting down to a task it is necessary to set yourself a goal to fulfill the work with the best quality. Plan, and consider every step in order to have it done in the most effective way with minimal time spent on it. With such an attitude, you get into an energy flow where you practically do not get tired. And it does not matter if you are skillful enough for the job. Any skill can be acquired within a short period. To be a success in a particular sphere more time and practice is needed.
Our action is also Supreme Consciousness. So, while doing a job treat it with respect. Do as many things as you can! At the same time, it is important to realize that you are performing Karma-yoga. In the process of struggling for perfection there starts to appear God, Supreme Consciousness, Supreme Bliss in your actions. Consequently, you are gaining charisma, allure, personal power, which will inevitably bring you to success. Thus, the principle of striving for excellence can be considered a key factor to success in life.
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