Rules for Asana Practice

It is important to know,

but you need to practice though.

1. Before asana practice take a bath or a shower finishing it with cold water. If you are short of time, you may cool down the hottest parts of the body with cold water (feet, shins, arms up to the elbows, face, neck, top of the head, navel area). This is a special procedure called half-bath.

2. It is better to practice asanas indoors. During asana practice, the body becomes susceptible to low temperature, and any draft can cause one catching a cold. However, performing asanas indoors one should ensure that the air in the room is fresh; it should also be clear of any smoke or sharp odors.

3. One should wear tight-fitting underwear. The special underwear, called langota or kaupina, is recommended for men.

4. Do the practice of asanas on a rug or a yoga mat. Do not perform asanas on the bare floor. Otherwise, you may catch a cold or disrupt the function of the endocrine glands.

Staying aware and focused on every posture

makes asana practice really fulfilling and beneficial.

5. Practice asanas only if the air flows through the left nostril or through both nostrils. If the left nostril is blocked in any way, one must refrain from doing asanas, except three basic asanas. While breathing one of the nostrils is usually dominant - more air flows through it. The nostril dominance shifts periodically due to the movement of vital energy in the body. One should perform asanas when the energy flows through the left channel, because this will enable the body and mind to be in a subtler state. In order to activate the left nostril you should lie on your right side resting your head on your right shoulder and breath in a measured manner for several minutes.

6. Take sattvic food and follow the lacto-vegetarian diet.

7. Avoid doing asanas on a full stomach. There should be at least a 2.5-3 hours gap between the meal and asana practice.

8. After practicing asanas massage your entire body – arms, legs, especially joints very well.

9. After completing the massage, stay in a "corpse posture" (shavasana) for at least two minutes: lie down on the floor and cover with a blanket to avoid catching a cold. Completely relax by spreading arms and legs. Imagine that your body and mind have become motionless and totally relaxed. Stay in this position for a few minutes.

This is shavasana pose. Relax and breathe calmly. Palms are faced up.
10. After performing shavasana do not drink water for ten minutes and do not eat anything for half an hour.

11. If you intend to go outside right after doing asanas and the outside temperature is colder then indoors, put on warm clothes.

12. It is not recommended to perform any physical exercises, run or play sports right after asana practice.

13. The following asanas can be done without restriction in diet and breathing: padmasana (lotus posture), siddhasana, ardha padmasana, pose with crossed legs ("eating posture"), viirasana hero posture, long salutation, yoga posture, and cobra.

14. Women should not do asanas during menstruation, pregnancy and within one month after delivery. The exception is the postures for meditation – padmasana, siddhasana, viirasana.

Practice regularly and soon you will feel wonderful transformations

which asana practice can make to your mind and body.


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